‘Declined for a 17p banana, embarrassed isn’t the word!’ Barclays customers are left fuming as computer crash stops their cards working

Scores of Barclays customers were left unable to withdraw money after the bank’s servers crashed on Saturday afternoon.

Customers found their cards were being declined in stores and in cash points around the country for approximately 90 minutes.

Some were even told the problem would not be rectified until Monday, but Barclays said the issue was fixed by 4.20pm the same day.

Barclay’s customers could not pay by card or withdraw cash for around 90 minutes on Saturday afternoon A simple and cheap fruit snack caused embarrassment for one customer who couldn’t pay when her card was declined for just 17p Several customers tweeted their frustration at the lack of working ATMs and at having their cards declined in stores

A status message on the bank’s website said: ‘We’re sorry, you can’t withdraw money from our cash machines right now – we’re working to fix this. If you’d like to make a withdrawal, you can use any other cash machine showing the LINK logo or visit one of our branches.’

On Saturday afternoon, the message that customers could not withdraw money from the bank’s ATMs appeared on the website The bank tweeted to say they were trying to get the problem fixed and later said it had been sorted out

About the same time, there were issues with their phone systems, and the message read: ‘We’re sorry, you won’t be able to reach us right now – we’re working to fix a problem with this service.’

Customers also couldn’t make payments in branch.

The website’s status checker continued to tell customers the ATMs were down after the MailOnline was told everything was running as normal.

For one customer, her card being declined in France meant her shopping trip for her daughter’s wedding went from a success to a failure in a few minutes.

Unable to pay, she had to leave empty handed.

Ash Sharma said: ‘It’s my Mrs birthday…I was buying a car for her, all paper work signed. card declined!embarrassed is an understatement!’

One woman tweeted that she had been declined for a 17p banana when she tried to pay by card and ’embarrassed’ wasn’t the word.

Another said he couldn’t pay for his round in the pub during the Six Nations because his card would not work.

Fatos Berisha complained about the lack of information from the bank.

For some customers the problem meant they couldn’t get their round in at the pub, but for others, key discounts with limited time offers were being missed when they couldn’t pay One woman was stuck in London Paddington because she couldn’t withdraw money, and another said the problem would lead them to switch banks

He said: ‘I get many useless texts from Barclays almost daily, but 0 info when their payment systems pack up & I can’t use my card, not a peep!’

Several customers said the incident meant they would switch banks.

In a tweet, the bank said: ‘We’re still experiencing issues affecting Barclays Debit Card and ATM transactions. Our teams are working to get this restored.’

At the Ealing branch, in London, a sign told customers about the outage and apologised, explaining it was a national issue.

The UK help Twitter account retweeted one mother who wrote: ‘Pretty embarrassing when u try 2 pay for ur shopping to be told card is declined get it sorted i have a child to feed’. [sic]

Some customers tweeted to say that they had been able to access their funds, with Barclay’s admitting they weren’t sure how many customers had been affected.

A Barclays spokesman said ‘We’re aware some customers may have had issues with some digital services today. We can confirm everything is now back up and running and customers can get money out of ATMs and card payments are going through.

‘We apologise to any customers that were impacted.’

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